An happy developer's face (Courtesy of Vinya Photography)


My name is Lorenzo and I'm a CS grad student and a developer (leaning to the latter the more each page of my thesis I write). I love cryptography enough to write both my bachelor's and master's thesis about it. My bachelor's thesis (which can be found here in Italian) was about algebraic analysis of the SIMON and SPECK family of cyphers, in collaboration with Dr. A Visconti and the Cryptography and Coding Laboratory (CLUB) at Università degli Studi di Milano. I'm currently working on my master's thesis, which is about blockchain and digital identity, with Dr. A Visconti, the CLUB and XTN Lab

In the past two years I've been somewhat a jack-of-all-trades (who is soon to be a master of some) at GOTO, being a developer, a system administrator and a consultant.

I'm really passionate about science, and I love speaking about it or teaching what I know. I'm one of the founders and current president of Italia Unita per la Scienza ("Italy United for Science"), a group of science writers who tries to spread our passion about science across our country. I've also helped similar groups, like Pro-Test Italia or the Aladdin laboratory at Unimi, from time to time.

Besides of all of this I love to travel and my favourite non-human language is Python. I don't speak as many human languages as I would like, so I'm not picking a favourite here. There are a couple of things (in Italian) related to RPGs with my name (or my nickname) on them floating on the Internet, but I don't think I will be ever able to find most of them again.

You can generally find me under the name "frollo" (not a Hugo reference), but there is another one out there so check first

You can e-mail me or visit my LinkedIn profile.

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