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I'm Lorenzo and I'm a Jack-of-all-trades. I got my BSC degree in Computer Science in July 2015 from University of Milan, Italy (unimi) with 101/110. For my thesis I worked with Cryptography lab and expecially with Dr. A. Visconti. I'm currently a Computer Science MSc. student at the University of Milan and developer and system administrator for GOTO srl.

I'm currently working on my MSc thesis with Dr. A. Visconti, the Cryptography lab and XTN Lab

I am a co-founder and current president of Italia Unita per la Scienza ("Italy United for Science"), a group of (more or less) amateur scientific writers, against the rampant misconception of science in Italy. I have been a tutor for the Aladdin laboratory of Unimi since 2014. Sometimes I help Pro-Test Italia in their projects. From March to June of 2016 I have been a teaching assistant for laboratory part of the Operative System course with professor M. Monga (also Unimi).

Besides of all of this I love to travel and my favourite non-human language is Python. I don't speak as many human languages as I would like, so I'm not picking a favourite here. There are a couple of things (in Italian) related to RPGs with my name (or my nickname) on them floating on the Internet, but I don't think I will be ever able to find most of them again.

You can generally find me under the name "frollo" (not a Hugo reference), but there is another one out there so check first

You can e-mail me, see my LinkedIn profile or check my identity on

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